• FDH Recruitment And Deployment
  • We recruit helpers from India, Indonesia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka which are approved source countries by MOM for deployment.

  • Work Permit Documentation and Processing (in accordance to Embassy requirements)
  • Comprehensive Insurance & Security Bond coverage
  • Initial & Bi-Annual Medical Examination
  • Consultation & Counselling
  • Air ticket booking / purchase for FDH at competitive prices.
  • FDH Direct Hire
  • Placement of Transfer FDH
  • Extension / Renewal of Passport and Work Permit
  • Repatriation of FDH
  • FDH Training Program
  • Employer's Orientation Programme (EOP)
  • Those who are employing FDHs for the first time must attend the EOP before submitting the FDH Work Permit (WP) application.

    The EOP is a three-hour programme that provides employers with information on employing a FDH

  • Settling-In-Programme (SIP)
  • Effective from 1st May 2012, all first-time FDWs are required to attend the SIP before starting work with their employers and within the first three days of their arrival.

Foreign Workers (FW)

  • Work Pass Application and Renewal
  • - Employment Pass

    - S Pass

    - Work Permit